Galileo Weeding Machine 150

The Revolution Super-Sized


The GALILEO WM 150 is the bigger of the two machines.

In comparison to the GALILEO WM 75 it has two vacuum tables and can handle formats of up to 153 x 153 cm. From an operational point of view the machines are identical.

The difference lies in the dimensions of the working formats.


The GALILEO WM 150 automatically loads the sheets of adhesive material and proceeds with the micro-weeding (the removal of the smallest of waste, such as the inner parts of pre-spaced letters) and the macro-weeding before unloading the finished sheet. The GALILEO WM 150 is capable of working completely autonomously without any kind of human intervention.


Having a GALILEO WM in your company means being a big step ahead of the competition.

Nowhere in the world does another machine like this exist. Having one means automating your processes while ensuring a reduction in costs and  improving product quality.

It is the kind of revolution you’ll see in your turnover, too.

Galileo Weeding Machine 150

galileo weeding machine 150



– It halfs the manufacturing time and eliminates operator’s downtime

– Guarantees a better quality and a repetitiveness of the result

– Programmable and easy-to-use, minimizes the human operation

Maximum precision, removes rejections also of one square millimeter

Fast, quick initial set-up and double pace compared to the traditional operator

Versatile, it can process any adhesive coupled film, both in sheets and in roll

Reliable, It does not need ordinary maintenance

Core Specification

• Repeatability: +- 0.05 mm

• Position accuracy: +- 0.1 mm

• Typical producivity for internal/small weed removal: 1.5 seconds per piece

• Maximum speed: 70 m/min

• Max acceleration 1.5 g

• Operating room temperature: from 18°C to 25°C

• Electrical requirements: ac 3ph+n+gnd 200/400V 50/60Hz 32/45A

• Maximum dimension of the sheet cm 153 x 153

• Operator Panel completed with a dedicated pc

• Auxiliary Front Operator Console

• N° 2 vacuum tables with 64 zones

• N° 2 vacuum side channel pumps (4,0 kW)

• Galileo Software Removal Tool with protected hardware key

• N°3 Gripper Sets small-medium-large (2 for each type, totally 6 grippers)

• Case with spares set

Galileo Weeding Machine working surface

Room Caracteristics

• Power supply 380 V preferably stabilized. In order to obtain better performances and stability of the system we recommend the installation of a UPS (not included), max power. 10 KW, circuit breaker 40 A

• Aspiration pump supply 380 V, 3P + N + T – Protection 40 A

• Necessary compressed air 7 bar, advised 9 bar if having an independent compressor

• Useful area GALILEO WM_150: 7500 X 2250 mm

•Area needed: 8400 x 2900 mm

• Safety distances around the machine: 50 cm

• Weight: 3000 kilos

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