1) Do you have an updated brochure I can refer to for the machine?

Yes, we have a brochure where you’ll find listed the machines’ characteristics. You can also find and see some videos on Youtube or on

2) Which are the formats for the Galileo WM?

Galileo WM is available with one model: maximum sheets’ size 75×75 cm (29.5×29.5 inches) .  

3) Galileo WM has an automatic feeder?

Galileo WM 75 has an automatic feeder and an unloading device.  

4) Is Galileo WM able to support the work done by a traditional plotter cutter?

Absolutely! Galileo WM can be considered to be 2.5 times faster (on average) than a normal plotter/cutting systems.

5) Is there any particular margin we should respect?

The machine needs at least 1 cm on side and back borders and 2.5 cm on front border.

6) Where do the markers have to be placed?

They have to be placed in the corners of the sheet and the diameter to be considered for markers is 7mm.

7) What is the cycle time average?

The machine’s speed is adjustable. The pick up time for the micro weeding is about 1.5 seconds for each pick up operation.

8) Is there the possibility for making remote assistance?

Yes, it is possible to support customers by making a remote connection.

9) What is foreseen for the training?

The training lasts approx. 2 weeks at our premises and it’s free of charge. For the training it will be necessary to consider 1 operator (for the machine) and one designer (with graphic knowledge).

10) What are the major wear components on the machine?

The machine has been conceived to reduce wear at the very minimum stage for the mechanical parts and as a consequence the needs for maintenance as well.

11) How much material can be weeded before the mandrel needs to be changed?

The consumption of adhesive tape for the microweeding varies depending from the size of the scraps to be removed. It can anyway collect at least 15.000 pick up operations.

For the macroweeding the mandrel needs to be changed approx. every 100 linear meters, but the time for the change is extremely fast.

12) How many Galileo WM have been installed and are regularly working at present in the world?

At present there are 10 machines installed (size 75 x 75 cm) and all of them perfectly working.

Some of them work even on 3 shifts.

13) Can the machine run 24 hours/day or does it require maintenance during a shift?

Yes, the machine can work 24 h/day and does not need any particular maintenance. Just the change of the consumables (carton mandrel for the macro weeding and the tape for collecting

the micro weeding). The maintenance has been reduced at the minimum in order to increase the life of both the mechanical and the electrical components.

14) How many operators are needed (does It take) to run the machine?

The same operator that manages the cutting system/ plotter can run the Galileo WM at the same time.

15) What type of skill should the operator have?

With 3-4 training days the operator normally working at the plotter will be able to manage the machine independently.

16) How’s the machine managed? Is there a need for a particular software?

The software “Galileo Remover Tool” (that is provided with the machine) manages and elaborates .DXF files and creates two files: one to be send to the plotter and another property

file (extension .esa) to be loaded on the Galileo Weeding Machine for the automatic weeding operation.

17) How’s the machine feed?

The actual version can be sheet feeded. Loader Capacity 500 sheets.

18) What is the smallest sheets’ size we can weed with the machine?

The smallest sheets’ size we can weed is 20×30 cm  with Galileo WM 75.

19) What type of connections are needed for the machine?

For the machine you’ll need electrical connection and dry compressed air.

20) Does Galileo WM integrates well with plotters?

From our experience and from the experience of our customers, WM has the maximum integration with the plotters/cutting systems.

21) Is the machine able to detect eventual sheet’s deformations?

Sure!!! The machine is able to detect and read linear deformations and the roto-translation of the sheet and is able to adapt consequently.

22) What are the materials that can be weeded with the machine?

Adhesive flexible materials and films in sheet format.