Galileo Weeding Machine 75

Less is More

The weeding revolution is born here. Thanks to the GALILEO WM 75, every printer’s dream comes true: no more skiving knives, mistakes and endless hours of manual work. The GALILEO WM 75 has automated the only working phase that still today is performed by hand throughout the world: The removal of waste from pre-spaced adhesive films.

Galileo Weeding Machine 75

galileo weeding machine 75



Work Times Are Reduced By A Factor Of 2 And Only Minimal Human Intervention Is Required

An Improvement In Quality And Repetitive Results Are Guaranteed

The System Is User Friendly And Easy To Setup

High Precision It can weed up to diameter 1.7 mm

Swift Rapid Setup Time And High Throughput, Double With Respect To Human Operator

Reliable Low Maintenance

Core Specification

Repeatability: +- 0.05 mm

• Position accuracy: +- 0.1 mm

• Typical producivity for internal/small weed removal: 1.5 seconds per piece

• Maximum speed: 70 m/min

• Max acceleration 1.5 g

• Operating room temperature: from 18°C to 25°C

• Electrical requirements: ac 3ph+n+gnd 200/400V 50/60Hz 32A

• Maximum dimension of the sheet cm 75 x 75

• Operator Panel completed with a dedicated pc

• Auxiliary Front Operator Console

• N°1 vacuum table with 16 zones

• N° 1 vacuum side channel pumps (4,0 kW)

• Galileo Software Removal Tool with protected hardware key

• N°3 Gripper Sets small-medium-large (2 for each type, totally 6 grippers)

• Case with spares’ set

galileo weeding machine plan 75

Room Caracteristics

• Power supply 380 V, 3P+T preferably stabilized. In order to obtain better performances and stability of the system we recommend the installation of a UPS (not included), max power. 20 kW, circuit breaker 40 A

• Aspiration pump supply 400 V, 50 Hz, 3P + T – Protection 7.5 A

• Necessary compressed air 7 bar

• Useful area GALILEO WM75: 3550 X 1500 mm

• Area needed: 4300 x 2550 mm

• Safety distances around the machine: 60 cm

• Weight: 1600 kilos

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