Galileo Weeding Machine

The revolution in printing industry


Why continuing to weed manually when you can automate your manufacturing process?

Automation is not only a trend of the last  years. Nowadays we talk about Marketing Automation as an example.
Automate means to optimize: money, time, investments and most of all efficacy of your results.

At present in your company, you have surely automated your printing processes.
The machines do the work that was previously done manually. And now, certainly you would never go back.

Software and technology are able to take over the management of the orders and completely delegate the manufacturing process to the printing machines.

What is the meaning of weeding ?

The weeded material is the rejection of the adhesive films  and decals.

Every company has some people that, with a cutter in their hands, have the hard work to remove the interior part of writings, special drawings, and numbers of adhesive pvc films.

This process is called micro-weeding. Once this first part is completed, you need to  remove the remaining part of the rejection (macro weeding).

Although it seems to be quite an easy process, it is yet done manually.
Everywhere in the world.


Can Micro-weeding be automated ?

YES! Since Galileo Weeding Machine appeared on the market.
Compared to a machine a person is surely slower, more expensive and it is easier and likely to make mistakes.

New technology is available to make production easier, faster and with no errors.
Even though it may seem to be an oxymoron or a contradiction this is the reality: nowadays the best companies are moving this process.

Galileo Weeding Machine is a machine capable to give you a real competitive advantage  for your company and your business.

The Technology

How  Galileo Weeding Machine Works


Feeding: sheets 75x75cm | 29.5×29.5 inch.

Planning: a dedicated proprietary software automatically analyses the vector file and plans the best sequence of weeding operations.

Weeding: internal/micro and external/macro weed removal is automatically performed.

Stacking: output sheets are stacked and waste material is compacted.